Full payment of fees must be made in advance of each term. If a student is absent from a lesson, the lesson will not be made up. If a student cannot make the lesson, we would ask that you, if possible, notify the school as early as possible. If the Teacher is not able to attend the lesson, the school will, where possible, to notify the Student through the Parent/Guardian as early as possible or arrange for a Fully Substitute Teacher to be in place for the Lesson. If it is not possible to have a Substitute Teacher in place, the Lesson will be made up later in the term or a full refund will be given. All fees must be paid irrespective of whether the Student finishes the term or not.


All fees are determined by Portmarnock School of Music and must be made in full before the commencement of each Term. Payment is by Bank Transfer with the Student Name/Family Name as a reference. No cash/cheque Payments will be accepted. Fees will be advised to all Parents/Guardians/Students in advance of the Term commencing.


Due to demand for places, all existing Students who study Music in Portmarnock School of Music may secure a place for the next Academic Year through the payment of a Deposit of 50.00 euro per student. This deposit will be deducted from fees at the beginning of the Autumn Term each year. The deposit is non-refundable. Students who do not confirm their intention to return to Portmarnock School of Music in the Autumn Term by payment of a Deposit, will be allocated any remaining times that are available. We encourage all students who intend to return to Portmarnock School of Music to ensure that they have confirmed their place.

Government Imposed Restrictions due to any communicable diseases

Should the Government of Ireland impose any restrictions due to the presence of communicable diseases within the population (such as COVID-19), leading to the closure of the School for a temporary period of time, Portmarnock School of Music will offer online lessons to all students enrolled. No deferrals of lessons or refunds of lessons will be offered during this time.

Red Weather Alerts

In the event of the Government of Ireland issuing a Red Weather Alert for Portmarnock, all students will be notified of this as soon as possible by email. Any lessons missed owing to this will be made up at a later date in the Term.


Portmarnock School of Music will prepare students for Examinations through the relevant Examining Bodies. Fees for such examinations are paid by Parents/Guardians.  The Teacher must be satisfied that they have an adequate amount of work done at the time of the entry. This equates to having a minimum of two pieces finished and the vast majority of technical work done. If a student needs an accompanist, they must arrange one independently, however we are happy to recommend accompanists if requested.  The Teacher must have a reasonable expectation that the student will pass

Tuition & Fees
  • There are three Terms in the Academic Year, Autumn Term, Spring Term and Summer Term, each with different lengths. Fees are dependant on the length of the Term. Please enquire within. Please note that the payment of any fees to Portmarnock School of Music constitutes an agreement to the Policies of Portmarnock School of Music. Please see our Policies above for further information.
  • All students must enroll for the full term and fees must be paid in full and in advance of the start of term to secure the slot for the term. Account details are provided when a student enrolls with us.
  • When we are oversubscribed, we operate a waiting list. We try to get students off the waiting list and started with us as soon as possible!
Family Discount

A family discount applies to more than two lessons with us. Please inquire with the Manager to avail of discount