Lorcan Cosgrave

Violin, Viola & String Ensemble

Lorcan began his studies on the violin at age 5 through the Suzuki Method. He has over 10 years a vast amount of experience in music performance: playing with various orchestras, contemporary music ensembles, and vocal ensembles.

Lorcan graduated with BA(Hons) in Music at Trinity College Dublin, he also earned an M.Phil in Music and Media Technology at Trinity College Dublin. As a Suzuki Method Violin teacher, Lorcan is always training and focused on maintaining a high standard of instruction, mentorship, and musicianship skills.

As a child, Lorcan progressed on his violin through the Suzuki Method. He understands deeply, how the method can benefit your child and your family. He offers guidance and help for parents  to create the optimum, positive environment for nurturing your child, and developing their intrinsic abilities, especially in taking on the challenge of the violin.

Lorcan performs regularly with Mornington Singers and the Dublin Symphony Orchestra.